External Wall Insulation

Most houses in the UK suffer from high energy bills due to their uninsulated solid walls. 33% of homeowners in the UK live in pre-1930shouses. They can only retain 55% of the heat generated by their central heating system. Central heating is responsible for over 75% of the energy expenditure of an average British home. As such, solid wall houses are effectively throwing away money. It’s time for you to think about insulating your home with Exterior Wall Insulation. It will involve installing a layer of insulating material to your outer wall, which is done  with very little disruption to the rest of your home.

Cavity Wall Insulation

Post-1920s homes will normally have cavity walls. They are called cavity walls because they have a gap between 2 layers of brick. Insulation can be injected into this gap to further insulate the home. A Cavity wall’s thermal efficiency can be improved drastically through Cavity Wall Insulation. The additional insulation will lower your energy bills and also stop mould and condensation.

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